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If you want your bog-standard match reports or bland, safe opinion pieces then go and buy a newspaper.

If you want to learn more about the ISL then we provide you with high-quality analysis pieces covering; match analysisplayer analysis, tactical analysis, recruitment analysis, set-piece analysis and match preview analysis. We also cover statistics; player statistics, team statistics, manager statistics, opposition statistics and set-piece statistics.

Our match analysis pieces go into real depth and look at the data to have come out of the game that has been played, or the game that is on the upcoming schedule, and looks to offer you, the reader, the insight that those aforementioned newspapers seemingly look to just fail to acknowledge and give you an understanding as to why such things happened.

Indeed, our player analysis pieces are exactly as they stated – an individual look at certain individuals and what they can bring to their respective clubs and what kind of impact they have had, whether it be for better or for worse…

Managers will always be judged by results on the pitch and a throwaway comment regarding their tactics will be made, however there will not normally be much more than a “his style of play is not enjoyable or effective” comment, although nothing to more to support it.

Here at Indian Super League Analysis, though, we produce articles shining that spotlight directly on what the manager does and why things have been working, or have not, and detailing whether the current tactics that are being utilised are right for the ways the club wants to play or for the players available to the team in our head coach analysis reviews.

Of course, we also mix all this in with opinion pieces providing you with content that makes you think rather than content you can find on every other ISL site in existence.

We are proud to be different. Thus, if you think you can help us to continue to be different and give the Indian Super League the coverage it deserves, then why not apply to write for us?


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