The young Spaniard will replace Sergio Lobera and it’s tough to replicate his achievements. For Lobera had a huge effect in the 3 seasons (nearly ) he had been at Goa. The former Barcelona youth coach had impressed everybody with a grand and attractive brand of soccer that created the Gaurs as the most enjoyable group in the nation.

Therefore, the leadership of the new coach would take the club was the topic of much speculation. And the team has put the speculation to rest together with the appointment of Juan Ferrando since the head trainer.

Even though it’s too early to come to a suitable decision, on the surface of it, Ferrando’s appointment appears to be climbing from Goa’s aim to build on the base that Lobera has assembled since 2017-18 season.

Lobera arrived at Goa as a young and thirsty director (he had been 40-years-old afterward ) and played with new daring football. Ferrando has a lot of similarities to this Lobera. Aside from being his compatriot, Ferrando can also be youthful (39) and is eager to establish himself to get many different factors.

Additionally, Ferrando is an advocate of this school of soccer which Lobera also professes. Ferrando started off with a stint in RCD Espanyol where he honed his abilities in a lot of functions such as campus and methodological planner, fitness, specialized and strategic coach amongst others. However, he also had a stint in FC Barcelona B prior to taking control of numerous Catalonian clubs.

His break came when he had been recruited to be part of their team at Malaga and has been appointed as the book team’s head trainer.

Ferrando also had a short stint in Arsenal since the physical coach of Robin van Persie and Cesc Fabregas. He caught limelight in Greek club Volos NFC whom he led in the next grade to the top branch in a couple of decades, bringing attention as a promising trainer.

He’s had to fight a great deal of hardship to achieve where he is currently.

He’s instructional to boot. However, the FC Goa stint is a route Ferrando will be quite keen to prove himself because of the way he needed to depart Volos. After having a bacterial disease which saw him temporarily eliminate vision in his eyes, Ferrando has had an agonising wait to come back to soccer training.

He resigned from Volos but feels a tinge of despair at how in which the exit occurred despite him being called the best trainer of 2019 in Greece.

“I do not take it seriously because I know that is so. Should you win, they act well together; should you shed they toss you out. Well, that is exactly the same: Are you currently work and healthy? Nicely; can not you? It is Greece,” he explained.

His current reputation was that Ferrando received job offers even though the time when he was recovering. However, he opted to concentrate on his recovery prior to taking up Goa’s offer.

He’s got a lot to establish today and the type of adversities he’s overcome in his private life, he is going to be driven to be successful in Goa.

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