The All India Football Federation (AIFF)’s league committee will be meeting again on Saturday to discuss the coronavirus crisis and its impact on the I-League 2019-20 season and other active competitions. What’s the agenda for the meeting?

In the aftermath of the increasing cases in India, the I-League along with the rest of the active tournaments (just the Indian Super League (ISL) may be finished, albeit the final being played behind closed doors) needed to be suspended forever.

From the time that the I-League 2019-20 year has been brought to a sudden stop, Mohun Bagan had secured the name.

However, in spite of that, questions are raised, especially by age-old nemesis East Bengal, which in the event the league stands then can a group be termed winners.
Really, the rules don’t say anything about year extension because of cancellation of matches. On the other hand, the AIFF, being the primary governing body, has sufficient power to carry important calls.

It’s likely that the league committee will depart the decision making into the AIFF executive committee.

The clubs plying their trade from the next branch are set to eliminate the most if the league is completely cancelled. Clubs like Mohammedan Sporting, ARA FC, Bengaluru United and many others have invested a great deal in building squads effective at gaining promotion into the I-League.

It’s known, however, the AIFF is eager to restart the league when it is potential and encouraging the ultimate winners. In reality, the AIFF will probably be reaching out to the next division clubs prior to taking the last call.

The challenge, however, lies in scheduling the last round. Most gamers have contracts just till May 31, once the season was assumed to finish. Given the present situation, it’s exceedingly probable that soccer won’t restart in May. Therefore, if players are prepared to play marginally beyond that date remains to be seen.

The AIFF is contemplating the odds of doing away with relegation with this year on account of this coronavirus situation. In reality, it’s been learned that the league committee is very likely to waive off relegation under the conditions.

The difference between 2nd-placed East Bengal and also 10th-placed Aizawl is seven; together with four rounds to go, there’s not any telling how the last league table could have appeared and which club could have ended in the relegation place. Therefore, relegation ought to be from the question.

In addition to this, Mohun Bagan, with united with ISL franchise ATK FC, won’t be featuring at the I-League (that will effectively be termed as the 2nd grade of Indian soccer ) from the approaching season. East Bengal, who is in discussions with prospective investors, made some rough moves in the transport market and have promised they will play at the ISL next year, may also be on their way out.

In the event the 2nd Section is finished and the winner is encouraged, and no clubs have been relegated in the I-League, then the latter may continue in its existing arrangement with 10 teams and a developmental group from AIFF.

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