You often encounter someone that has changed his occupation at a better remuneration, a non-vegetarian switching into a vegetarian or a person who has registered a transfer after being years at a union. If you’re fortunate enough, you could even find an East Bengal enthusiast who distastes Hilsa or even a Mohun Bagani who does not like lobsters.

But you would locate a soccer enthusiast who has shifted allegiance or has ceased watching the match when his favorite group is underperforming. Nick Hornby at Fever Pitch (1992) states his love for Arsenal lasted”more than any relationship I’ve made of my own free will”. 1 life, 1 club is your motto.

Indian soccer fans are the same. Two or three disappointing seasons haven’t dampened the spirits of Manjappada. In the same way, East Bengal fans haven’t uttered silverware in I-League, however, their service hasn’t dwindled. A plethora of emotions are connected with a soccer club and the historic, cultural, and geographic lines further increase the feeling of belonging as many clubs have been named after a town or a country.

The Indian Super League (ISL) has become popular with every passing season. Even though the in-stadia presence has gone down because the next variant,’arm-chair lovers’ have been on the upswing. The 2019-20 period of this championship listed a 51 percent leap from the M15+AB Urban class according to BARC’s (Broadcast Audience Research Council) report that proves the above claim.

Lately, Mohun Bagan gave free passes to their own members to see the semifinal conflict between ATK and Bengaluru and over 50,000 fans turned up to see the game.

“I can visit see ISL from the scene next year. Mohun Bagan will probably be enjoying for the first time and that I can not overlook that,” said a jubilant green and maroon enthusiast that has been an all-weather supporter to get Bagan for at least a decade.

On inquiring whether he’d change to Kerala Blasters’ since Joseba Beitia is tipped to combine the yearlong finalists he responded,” Players come and go as well as together with supervisors. But I can’t support any club aside from Mohun Bagan. I’ll probably not see Beitia play barring the 2 times he’ll play against us”

In the same way, Anindya Mondal, a fervent East Bengal enthusiast in his sixties claimed that, “Shyam Thapa, Subhash Bhowmick all went to play with Mohun Bagan after enjoying for several years at East Bengal. Just if they played India again, I’d follow them.”

Fans follow a team, not due to a specific player, but they identify with the ethos and culture of the group. Irrespective, of if or not a participant continues to play with his favorite team, a buff is still loyal to a group.

After this category of players stopped plying their trade the fringe or even the fair-weather fans lost their attention.

“I moved into the scene to see Alessandro Del Piero play with. This was the only time I’ve attended an ISL match,” said Sumit Agarwal, who’s keener on after European soccer.

Additionally, a decrease of only 1 foreigner will barely affect the grade of soccer.

Rather, the addition of local players creates increased interest amongst the local fans. Therefore, the clubs must encourage and invest more in local abilities to capture the creativity of the masses in the catchment area. After all, they’re the individuals who fill the racks on a matchday.

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