Mumbai City head trainer Jorge Costa remains convinced of a top-four finish even though a defeat to ATK, a group that he considers is the very best from the Indian Super League (ISL). Goals from Michael Soosairaj and Pronay Halder helped ATK catch three points on Saturday. Whereas Mumbai City stays in fourth place with 16 points ATK climbed back to the peak of the table. Following the match, Costa stated,”We started the match well. We did we made a single error and they scored. In the conclusion of this first half, we conceded another goal but a whole lot changed. We had clear chances to score sufficient to complete the match for a different outcome. I am proud of the job that we’ve been doing in the start and that I have confidence that, in the long run, we’ll finish where we need (top four).” The Islanders had a goal wrongly disallowed however, the Portuguese coach had been unsure about the choice.”We scored two goals but I am not positive whether it was a good or a poor choice from the referee. I’m a man with you and together with all the folks from the league. I am saying that I am here to assist the ISL to become better daily. I tried to assist the referee to avert a card today and a card was seen by me. Yes, it is correct that whether the choices are the same, I can’t move in my place but will begin to find out. Following the card, they shipped me off. It was nothing. I chose that I’ll attempt to help my players and myself since I can’t help. If you do not desire (to be assisted ), I won’t say more.” Having gone to the break with a deficit, Costa disclosed he had requested his full-backs to push ahead to join the assault. “I (pick the team-talk) in half-time in line with this match I found in the first half. I requested the right and left backs since ATK have a good deal of players at the center, to assist more and we had a great deal of room. Additionally, (Rowllin) Borges and Raynier (Fernandes) may be there to the next balls. We had a few opportunities,” he explained. “I am sad that we lost the match. We dropped against a few of the greatest teams with a number of the greatest players at the ISL but today we’ve got one match (second game against Odisha FC) which we would like to win to struggle to get in the top four.”My notion of everything I saw from the sport, now wasn’t a fair outcome. We had chances to score and we scored. Again, I’d say, I really don’t know whether it was a foul or not although we scored.”